Dangerous Products

Defective or unsafe products are the cause of thousands of injuries and deaths every year. The injuries caused by a defective product can be severe and life altering. Permanent disability may result. Common injuries include injuries to the hands, fingers, and face, and include burns and amputation. The type of defective products that can pose a danger is limitless. Our fist thoughts may turn to the Ford Pinto or a certain cup of McDonald’s Coffee. Some products we reasonably expect will never fail. Think about the results of a failed pacemaker, aircraft engine, or seatbelt. Other products we fear, perhaps too much. Think of air compressors, jacks, and almost anything that makes a loud noise. However, it’s reasonable to expect products won’t injure us and to take action when they do.

Types of Products Cases
Successful product liability cases generally arise from design defects, manufacturing defects, or failure adequately to warn consumers. Design defects occur before a product is made and effects every product made until the design defect is cured. A design defect creates a product that is inherently dangerous. A manufacturing defect occurs when a product is designed well, but some or all of the products were not made according to specifications. Manufacturing defects, like design defects, may render a product unreasonably dangerous. Manufacturers or retailers who fail to warn consumers about the dangers of their product may be held liable for injuries resulting from foreseeable use or misuse of their product that might not have occurred if the user was properly warned.